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Limricks by Hal Bonner, written for and recited at the 2004 Foray:

     For Ruth on her 90th:

     There was a fine lady named Ruth
     Who was given to telling the truth.
     When asked how she defied
     All those years she replied,
     "I've discovered the Fountain of Youth!"

     For Sam on the occasion of the 10th NEMF:

     Our most esteemed guru named Sam,
     Who never drinks even a dram,
     Knows when mushrooms seem puzzling
     There's no need for guzzling,
     He just goes "whoo-eeeee" and gets out of the jam!

     And for Gary:

     There once was a guru named Gary
     Who always could answer a query.
     From his virtual college
     Mycological knowledge
     Flowed so plenteous it really was scary.