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Polypore Checklist of the Northeast (300+ taxa)

Prepared by Douglas Bassett, September 2004

The printed handout accompanied his lecture given at the 2005 NEMF Foray.

Ursula Hoffmann adapted the list just for taxa with images on the web, Fall 2005. The underlined names link to images on the web via Google search. They show up as so-called Thumbnails, small size. Click on any appropriate image to see it enlarged.

Digital photos are needed for the names not underlined. Please e-mail to Douglas Bassett and to Ursula Hoffmann.

Douglas Bassett's notes:  (the references to color, text formatting, brackets etc. apply only to his printed list)

This list is annotated for Letchworth State Park (126 species), additional fungi that have been reported for Western New York (2 species) and other additional fungi that have been reported for New York State (102 species). Fungi that have been recorded at the Northeast Mycological Forays, 1976 to present, but not seen by the author (11 species) nor reported from New York State (6 species) are followed by a plus+ or an asterist * respectively. Fungi of the Northeast that the author has seen are in bold (157 species). Fungi that occur outside of the Northeast and have been seen elsewhere in North America by the author are in brackets [5 species].  For example, the genus Poria has been placed in 30 genera on this list. Listings in italics are species not in “Mushrooms of Northeastern North America”, 1997 by Alan & Arleen Bessette and David Fischer. The number in parentheses following a name is the total number on this list for that particular category; if following a slash, this is the number of species for the group or genus in North America; if following a second slash,  this is the greater number of species for this genus in the world. For those genera not belonging to the Polyporaceae, the name following a genus is the family accepted in the  9th edition of “Ainsworth & Bisby’s Dictionary of Fungi”, 2001. If this family is not in the Polyporales the order is noted in brackets. Numbers following letter code refer to page number in the references listed at the end of this checklist.

Ursula Hoffmann added some taxa found on the comprehensive COMA list (annual forays held in Connecticut since 1976): categories Polypores, Other Aphyllophorales.

If you have found additional taxa in the Northeast: Please e-mail to Douglas Bassett

Nomenclature and Bibliography:

Nomenclature follows Gilbertson and Ryvarden. 1986/87. North American Polypores. (2 volumes) Fungiflora. Oslo, Norway. 885pp. One field guide (noted by letter and page number) was selected for its color photograph or illustration (Capital Letter) or mention in keys or text (small case letter) in the following order of preference (if not in the first, then in the next and so forth):

B - Mushrooms of Northeastern North America. 1997. Alan & Arleen Bessette and David Fischer.

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Q - Les Champignons des Arbres de l’est de l’Amérique du Nord. 2003. Bruno Boulet.
Violet code if this is new for N. A. (not in Gilbertson).

V - The Polyporaceae of the United States, Alaska and Canada. 1953. Lee Oras Overholts.

Abortiporus biennis         
Abortiporus fractipes
Albatrellus caeruleoporus
Albatrellus confluens
Albatrellus cristatus
Albatrellus ellisii
Albatrellus ovinus
Albatrellus peckianus
Albatrellus pes-caprae
Albatrellus subrubescens
Amylocystis lapponica
Anomoporia albolutescens
Anomoporia bombycina
Anomoporia myceliosa
Antrodia albida
Antrodia crassa
Antrodia gossypina
Antrodia heteromorpha
Antrodia juniperina
Antrodia malicola
Antrodia odora
Antrodia oleracea
Antrodia radiculosa
Antrodia serialis
Antrodia sinuosa
Antrodia sitchensis
Antrodia sordida
Antrodia vaillantii
Antrodia variiformis
Antrodia xantha
Antrodiella americana
Antrodiella fissiliformis
Antrodiella hoehnelii
Antrodiella incrustans
Antrodiella overholtsii
Antrodiella pallasii
Antrodiella semisupina
Aporpium caryae
Auriporia aurea
Bjerkandera adusta
Bjerkandera fumosa
Boletopsis subsquamosa
Bondarzewia berkeleyi
Byssoporia terrestre
Ceriporia alachuana
Ceriporia excelsa
Ceriporia purpurea
Ceriporia reticulata
Ceriporia spissa
Ceriporia tarda
Ceriporia viridans
Ceriporiopsis aneirina
Ceriporiopsis gilvescens
Ceriporiopsis mucida 
Ceriporiopsis pannocincta
Ceriporiopsis rivulosa
Ceriporiopsis subrufa
Ceriporiopsis subvermispora
Cerrena unicolor

Chaetoporellus latitans
Chionosphaera apobasidialis
Climacocystis borealis
Coltricia cinnamomea
Coltricia focicola
Coltricia montagnei
Coltricia montagnei v greenei
Coltricia perennis
Coltriciella dependens
Coltriciella oblectabilis
Coniophora sp.
Coriolopsis gallica
Coriolopsis rigida
Corticium sp.
Cotylidia diaphana
Cryptoporus volvatus
Cytidia salicina?
Daedalea quercina
Daedaleopsis confragosa
Datronia mollis
Datronia scutellata
Datronia stereoides
Dichomitus squalens
Diplomitoporus crustulinus
Diplomitoporus lenis
Diplomitoporus lindbladii
Diplomitoporus overholtsii
Donkioporia expansa
Echinodontium balloui
Fistulina hepatica
Fistulina radicata
Fomes fasciatus
Fomes fomentarius
Fomitopsis cajanderi
Fomitopsis durescens
Fomitopsis meliae
Fomitopsis officinalis
Fomitopsis pinicola
Fomitopsis rosea
Fomitopsis spraguei
Fuscocerrena portoricensis
Ganoderma applanatum
Ganoderma curtisii
Ganoderma lobatum
Ganoderma lucidum
Ganoderma tsugae

Globifomes graveolens  
Gloeophyllum carbonarium
Gloeophyllum mexicanum
Gloeophyllum protractum
Gloeophyllum sepiarium
Gloeophyllum striatum
Gloeophyllum trabeum
Gloeoporus dichrous
Gloeoporus taxicola
Grifola frondosa
Haematostereum sanguinolentum

Hapalopilus croceus
Hapalopilus mutans
Hapalopilus nidulans
Hapalopilus rutilans
Hapalopilus salmonicolor
Heterobasidion annosum
Hexagonia hydnoides
Hexagonia papyracea
Hydnochaete olivacea
Hydnochaete tabacina
Hymenochaete corrugata
Hymenochaete tabacina
Inonotus andersonii
Inonotus circinatus
Inonotus cuticularis
Inonotus dryadeus
Inonotus dryophilus
Inonotus glomeratus
Inonotus hispidus
Inonotus ludovicianus
Inonotus obliquus
Inonotus radiatus
Inonotus rheades
Inonotus subiculosus
Inonotus tomentosus
Irpex lacteus
Ischnoderma resinosum
Jahnoporus hirtus
Junghuhnia collabens
Junghuhnia fimbriatella
Junghuhnia luteoalba
Junghuhnia nitida
Junghuhnia separabilima
Laeticorticium polygonioides
Laetiporus cincinnatus
Laetiporus huronensis
Laetiporus sulphureus
Lenzites betulina
Leptoporus mollis
Lindtneria flava
Lindtneria trachyspora

Melanoporia nigra        
Meripilus sumstinei
Meruliporia incrassata
Merulius tremellosus
Microporellus dealbatus
Microporellus obovatus
Nigroporus vinosus
Oligoporus balsameus
Oligoporus caesius
Oligoporus floriformis
Oligoporus folliculocystidiatus
Oligoporus fragilis
Oligoporus guttulatus
Oligoporus hibernicus
Oligoporus lateritius
Oligoporus leucomallellus
Oligoporus lowei

Oligoporus mappus
Oligoporus minusculoides
Oligoporus obductus
Oligoporus placentus
Oligoporus ptychogaster
Oligoporus rancidus
Oligoporus sericeomollis
Oligoporus stipticus
Oligoporus subcaesus
Oligoporus subpendulus
Oligoporus tephroleucus
Oligoporus undosus
Oxyporus corticola
Oxyporus cuneatus
Oxyporus latemarginatus
Oxyporus pellicola
Oxyporus populinus
Oxyporus spraguei
Pachykytospora papyracea
Panellus pusillus
Panus strigosus
Parmastomyces transmutans
Perenniporia compacta
Perenniporia ellipsospora
Perenniporia fergusii
Perenniporia fraxinea
Perenniporia fraxinophila
Perenniporia medulla-panis
Perenniporia narymica
Perenniporia ohiensis
Perenniporia robiniophila
Perenniporia semistipitata
Perenniporia subacida
Perenniporia tenuis
Perenniporia tepeitensis
Perenniporia variegata
Phaeolus schweinitzii
Phanerochaete chrysorhiza
Phellinus chrysoloma
Phellinus conchatus
Phellinus contiguus
Phellinus everhartii
Phellinus ferreus
Phellinus ferrugineofuscus
Phellinus ferruginosus
Phellinus fragrans
Phellinus gilvus
Phellinus hartigii
Phellinus igniarius

Phellinus inermis           
Phellinus johnsonianus

Phellinus laevigatus
Phellinus lundellii
Phellinus pini
Phellinus pomaceus
Phellinus prunicola
Phellinus punctatus
Phellinus robineae
Phellinus robustus

Phellinus spiculosus
Phellinus tremulae
Phellinus vaninii
Phellinus viticola
Phylloporia ribis
Phlebia radiata
Phlebia tremellosa
Phyllotopsis nidulans
Physisporinus sanguinolentus
Physisporinus vitreus
Pilobolus sp.
Piptoporus betulinus
Plicaturopsis crispa
Polyporoletus sublividus
Polyporus admirabilis
Polyporus alveolaris
Polyporus arcularius
Polyporus badius
Polyporus brumalis
Polyporus ciliatus
Polyporus craterellus
Polyporus elegans
Polyporus fagicola
Polyporus longiporus
Polyporus melanopus
Polyporus mori
Polyporus pseudobetulinus
Polyporus radicatus
Polyporus semipileatus
Polyporus squamosus
Polyporus tubaeformis
Polyporus tuberaster
Polyporus umbellatus
Polyporus varius
Poria sp.
Porodisculus pendulus
Pseudomerulius corrugatus
Punctularia strigosozonata
Pycnoporellus alboluteus
Pycnoporellus fulgens
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
Pycnoporus sanguineus
Pyrofomes demidoffii
Rigidoporus crocatus
Rigidoporus sublineatus
Schizophyllum commune
Schizopora paradoxa
Sistotrema confluens
Skeletocutis alutacea
Skeletocutis amorpha
Skeletocutis carneogrisea
Skeletocutis lilacina
Skeletocutis nivea
Skeletocutis ochroalba
Skeletocutis subamorpha
Skeletocutis subincarnata

Spinellus fusiger  
Spongipellis delectans
Spongipellis pachyodon
Spongipellis spumeus
Spongipellis unicolor

Sporodinia grande
Stereum complicatum
Stereum gausapatum
Stereum hirsutum
Stereum ostrea
Stereum sericeum
Stereum striatum
Stromatoscypha fimbriata
Syzygites megalocarpus
Syzygospora mycetophila
Thelephora anthocephala
Thelephora caryophyllaea
Thelephora multipartita
Thelephora palmata
Thelephora terrestris
Thelephora vialis
Trametes cervina
Trametes conchifer
Trametes ectypus
Trametes elegans
Trametes hirsuta
Trametes membranacea
Trametes ochracea
Trametes pubescens
Trametes suaveolens
Trametes trogii
Trametes versicolor
Trametes villosa
Trechispora mollusca
Trechispora regularis
Trichaptum abietinum
Trichaptum biforme
Trichaptum byssogenum
Trichaptum fusco-violaceum
Trichaptum laricinum
Trichaptum sector
Trichaptum subchartaceum
Tyromyces cerifluus
Tyromyces chioneus
Tyromyces fissilis
Tyromyces fragilis
Tyromyces fumidiceps
Tyromyces galactinus
Tyromyces hirsutum
Tyromyces kmetii
Tyromyces lacteus
Tyromyces subgiganteus
Wolfiporia cocos
Wolfiporia dilatohypha
Wrightoporia cylindrospora
Wrightoporia lenta
Wrightoporia subrutilans
Xylobolus frustulatus