NEMF Manual of Organization, Policy & Procedures

for Executive Committee, Foray committee chairs and Trustees

This good manual was produced in 2001 by Ed Bosman, then NEMF Secretary -- in big binders that are supposed to travel from the person whose tenure expired to the next occupant of the position.

Now, in 2006, we can assume that everybody has access to the internet. Therefore, Ursula Hoffmann (Ed Bosman’s successor as NEMF Secretary 2003-06 and current webmaster) scanned the printed pages of the Manual and put them on the website. Read them online or print them out, as you wish. They are in pdf format--you need to have the free download Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.
The website also provides you, we hope, with the current list of forays, officers, trustees, clubs, newsletter editors….

Table of Contents:

Certificate of Incorporation
Suggestions for the future
Planning a successful foray
Registrar: guidelines
3 Worksheets, with sample data filled in / blank Excel forms:

Registrar Excel worksheet
Appendix I   /   worksheet_A.xls

2009 Final Report, very detailed
Appendix II  /   worksheet_B.xls

Appendix III /   worksheet_C.xls

Collecting guidelines