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False Morels and Saddle Mushrooms -- photos by Gary Lincoff

False morels, Gyromitra -- not edible:

Here they are next to a morel: they are not hollow and look kind of messy on the outside of the hat, not neat like a real morel:
Gary Lincoff @2000-2050Gary Lincoff @2000-2050

Gyromitra esculenta, infula, korfii=fastigiata: AG 336, 339, 337/338

Gary Lincoff @2000-2050Gary Lincoff @2000-2050Gary Lincoff @2000-2050

Saddle mushrooms: Helvella crispa and elastica AG 333, 334

Gary Lincoff @2000-2050Gary Lincoff @2000-2050

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