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4 Jelly Fungi: these fungi often resemble other kinds of mushrooms: the Wood Ear=a cup fungus, the Jelly Tooth=a tooth fungus, and the Tough Jelly Coral=a coral mushroom; spring – fall.

Wood ear - looks like a cup fungus but is a jelly fungus
Auricularia auricula
a cup fungus that looks similar: Purple jelly drops
Ascocoryne sarcoides

Witches' butter
Tremella mesenterica
a cup fungus that looks similar: Bladder cup
Peziza vesiculosa

Jelly tooth
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
this looks similar but is a Tooth fungus: Sweet tooth
Hydnum repandum

Jellied false coral
Tremellodendron pallidum
but this is a coral fungus