-- field key --

3 Flask Fungi

                    a. Dead Man’s Fingers: club-like but tough; if black, then white within; summer and fall.

Dead man's fingers
Xylaria polymorpha
Branched dead man's fingers
Xylaria hypoxylon


                    b. Caterpillar Mushrooms: Cordyceps can be found on either over wintering insects or false truffles; stalked, with a top (or head) that is dotted with spore sacs; summer and fall.

Cordyceps capitata
on false truffle
Cordyceps militaris
on insect

Cordyceps sp.

                 c. Cramp Balls (or Carbon Balls): small, round, dark, hard, on wood; cross-section reveals concentric zones; year-round.  Daldinia concentrica:

                    d. Mushroom Molds: mold-like but variable in color; particular kinds occur on specific hosts, such as Russulas, Boletes, and Amanita rubescens; summer and fall.

Lobster mushroom
Hypomyces lactifluorum
Bolete mold
Hypomyces chrysospermus

Amanita mold
Hypomyces hyalinus