-- field key --

5 Clitocyboid:

Cap fleshy and small to large;

stem fleshy, often thick.

Gills attached to and somewhat decurrent (descending) stem.

Veils absent.

Fat-footed Clitocybe
Clitocybe clavipes
Common Laccaria
Laccaria laccata

Fried-chicken mushroom
Lyophyllum (Clitocybe) multiceps (decastes)
Sweating mushroom (left) & Fairy ring mushroom (right)
Clitocybe dealbata & Marasmius oreades

Look-alikes include Omphalotus, Armillaria tabescens, Clitopilus, Paxillus, etc.
Jack O'Lantern
Omphalotus olearius
Because it is often mistaken for the choice chanterelle, it is the most frequently reported cause of wild mushroom poisoning -- severe GI upset -- in the Northeast.
Ringless Armillaria
Armillaria tabescens
a waxy cap
Hygrophorus pratensis

a milky
Lactarius subpurpureus * see note


Many species of Lactarius on aging
look as if they had decurrent gills

unlike Russula species
-- see the tricholomatoid group
a pink-spored mushroom
Entoloma abortivum
a pink-spored mushroom
Clitopilus prunulus

a brown-spored mushroom
Paxillus atromentosus
a brown-spored mushroom
Paxillus involutus