-- field key --

5 Chanterelles & Black Trumpets: chanterelles are mostly yellow to red, and look like gilled mushrooms but have thick fold edges and cross-veins; Black Trumpets are grayish to black and are trumpet-shaped; summer.

Cantharellus cibarius -- two views -- and underside

Smooth chanterelle
Cantharellus lateritius
Cinnabar chanterelle
Cantharellus cinnabarinus

Fall chanterelle
Cantharellus tubaeformis

Chanterelle look alikes:

Jack O'Lantern -- poisonous
Omphalotus olearius
False chanterelle
Hygrophoropsis aurantiacus

Cantharellula umbonata
Vase chanterelle
Gomphus floccosus

Black trumpet and look alike:
Black trumpet
Craterellus fallax
Blue chanterelle -- look alike
Polyozellus multiplex