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Checklists for various times and places in the Northeast

To create a good checklist, select a limited area or several spots, perhaps a limited number of genera, check these almost every day for a month and make notes on weather and habitat. See the Central Park July 2006 list below.

Central Park in NYC -- from Gary Lincoff

Winter -- as of March 2005
see also May checklists below -- much more to follow
Bioblitz -- recorded June 27/28, 2003 -- a printable checklist needing Acrobat Reader (2 pages)
Bioblitz -- recorded June 23/24, 2006  --»  July 2006  --»  The year 2006: an on-depth study of the park

Maine -- Sam's Corner
Winter -- as of March 2005

Pennsylvania -- from John Plischke III

Catskills -- August and September NEMF forays
Two-page checklist for Catskill fungi commonly found in Aug/Sept--based on NEMF foray lists  -- a printable checklist needing Acrobat Reader (2 pages)

May checklists
CMM (from Yves Lamoureux), NYC  / NYMS  (from Lincoff and Yetter), WPMC (from Plischke III), ...
Print: may.pdf (35 pages, you need Acrobat Reader) -- Editable: may.xls (download and open with Excel)
(Please note that the long list derives from the comprehensive COMA checklist but omits the group Chanterelles as they never occur in May.)

June checklists
Bioblitz -- NYC: Bronx, NY -- recorded June 2005 (from Aita) -- printable checklist needing Acrobat Reader (1 page)
Blank editable: june.xls -- download, open with Excel, edit, save as (with a different filename), e-mail to Gary Lincoff

last rev. June 2007