Collecting Guidelines
by Ursula Hoffmann

Do not leave any food or wrapping in the woods – bears must not get accustomed to human food or human habitats! At a picnic area, pick up any grape or whatever from the table and ground after lunch, and carry it out with you, as well as all garbage including cigarette butts!
For the Display, mushrooms must be whole or, if in two pieces, bring both pieces (you may need to dig out the base if buried, as for Amanitas) and they must be in good shape (leave dried or rotten specimens in the woods but do bring back Hyphomycetes, separately wrapped in wax paper). If you find a big group, try to get a few specimens in varying stages of development but do not pick all —leave some to do their thing. If possible, note the habitat, or add a piece of moss, or a couple of leaves or needles to your collection. Separate collections should be secured separately, in separate bags or compartments -- egg cartons are good for tiny specimens, and fragile or fast-drying specimens (e.g., slime molds) should be in wax bags, wrapped carefully.

For cooking, collect mushrooms clean, i.e., cut them off from the base (leaving the base in the ground or on the tree), and put them into a separate bag.

Sorting Directions:
These vary from foray to foray but are typically arranged as outlined here -- from Gary Lincoff and Sandy Sheine:
The sorting tables are arranged for type of mushroom: cup fungi, flask fungi (dead man’s fingers), jelly fungi, chanterelles & black trumpets, tooth fungi, coral fungi, gasteromycetes (puffballs, earthstars, stinkhorns, bird’s nest fungi), slime molds, polypores, parchment fungi (stereum and crust fungi), boletes, gilled mushrooms (by spore color). There is probably also a place for edibles, and one for aliens (those brought to the foray from home—add an ID slip with place of origin.)

Empty your basket as soon as feasible after you return from collecting, so the mushrooms can be ID’d fresh and expeditiously. Put all of your collections on separate paper plates and add an ID slip to each plate, with at least the walk number on it!!!

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