Scan a slide for the computer, e.g., for a Powerpoint presentation or for a webpage or for e-mail or for saving to a CD

(Please note that for printing you need at least 300 dpi resolution.)

This is the screen for my Epson Perfection 1200 scanner and its software:
Note the settings for
Document Source,
Image Type
Destination (= Resolution)

Scale: 100%
for Preview only.

Now select the area
to be scanned,
omitting the cardboard
(If your software does not
give you that option, you can
crop the image later, in your
image editor.)

Then change the scale
to 300 % or 400 %.

Click Scan.

Different scanners have
different software.
But the essential settings
should agree with the
example I show here.

In your image editor, crop the image if you did not do so before scanning, then save the image with a good name. (Here, I named the two scanned images mexico300 and mexico400 -- to reflect the scales.)
Then, on the File menu, click Save Copy as, select .jpg, with compression rate at 20 % and image type progressive.

The following is the result for this example:

Scale 300 %

383 x 258 pixels

3.990 x 2.688 inches

File size:
17.697 KB

Scale 400 %

508 x 339 pixels

5.292 x 3.531 inches

File size:
31.085 KB

These slides are large enough for the screen and have a small enough file size to download fast when using them.

last updated: November 2005 by Ursula Hoffmann