About NEMF?

NEMF is the Northeast Mycological Federation Inc., informally conceived in 1976 at a foray attended by people from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. The First Annual Northeast Foray was held in 1977, with participants from the BMC, COMA, CVMS, LIMC, NJMA, NYMS, and the NMS. Later, NEMF was incorporated as a New York not-for-profit organization.

Its purposes: "To stimulate interest in mycology and to provide a forum where both amateur and professional mycologists can share their experiences and knowledge and work together cooperatively in studying the fungal flora of Northeastern America for scientific and educational purposes...."

The Corporation resolved that the NEMF Annual Foray would be named in honor of Dr. Samuel S. Ristich, in tribute to all his years of support, encouragement, and personal dedication to the amateurs of the Northeast, and in particular to NEMF. So the 1995 NEMF Foray was named the First Samuel Ristich Foray, and the countup continues.

Currently, the Federation consists of eighteen clubs, ranging from Canada down to Pennsylvania and Virginia: the BMC Boston Mycological Club, CMM Cercle des Mycologues de Montreal, CNYMS Central New York Mycological Society, COMA Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association, CVMS Connecticut Valley Mycological Society, EPM Eastern Pennsylvania Mushroomers, LIMC Long Island Mycological Club, MHMA Mid Hudson Mycological Association, MMA Maine Mycological Association, MMC Montshire Mycological Club, MMU Monadnock Mushroomers Unlimited, MYMS Mid York Mycological Society, NHMS New Hampshire Mycological Society, NJMA New Jersey Mycological Association, NYMS New York Mycological Society, RAMA Rochester Area Mycological Association, SVMS Susquehanna Valley Mycological Society, WPMC Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club.
Every year, one or more clubs host the annual foray.

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