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Volvariella bombycina

From Sandy Sheine (2010):

On June 30, Larry Hildreth called Jerry and me  to tell us that eleven fruitbodies of Volvariella bombycina were growing on a half dead black maple tree near his house.  We then drove to Larry's house to take photos of  this unusual growth.  The development of the mushrooms ranged from young, egg shaped forms to very large mature specimens.  There were six immature ones, three growing together from the same substrate, inside the trunk of the tree.  The others were growing around the tree and were mature.   The caps were white and covered with abundant silky hairs  The gills were white until the mushroom produced dark pink spores.  The stem was white and at its base was the remains of a large, rubbery white volva which had originally enclosed the entire mushroom..  Jerry photographed them and Larry told us that he would call us when the rest matured.  He called us on Saturday, July 4, and Jerry, I and Huafang Su, drove up to Larry's house to photograph them again.  We took some home and dried them.  They are edible but were too beautiful to eat. We have never seen or heard of more than one on a tree.