from Jerry Sheine


       by Dianna Smith, our Foray chair

      by Elmer LeSuer, our Walks chair

      and, below,

      by our Registrar, Paul Sadowski

Sandy Sheine, our Awards chair
and Elinoar, with her prize

       The sign inviting us to next year's NEMF:

        August 11-14, 2011

     Gary Lincoff,

     our Program Chair and Chief Mycologist

David Rose

       Ruthie Ristich, daughter of Sam and Ruth

Raymond Archambault

       Morrs Palmer, our dancingmaster


       Mary Wakino with Miss Palmer
       and with George Davis

Elinoar Shavit, our Mycophagy Chief Chef, with Kathy and Joe Brandt
and with a candycap cookie