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33nd Annual Northeast Mycological Foray

October 15-18 · Eastham, Cape Cod, MA
The Boston Mycological Club, host


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Cape Cod sand dunes, photo by Bill BynumThe Boston Mycological Club invites you to the 33rd Annual NEMF Foray!

We offer a mycological experience in a special place. The Cape offers an environment different from the mainland.  The climate is mild (temperatures in October average 59F/47F.), the growing season is extended and mushrooms abound in the moist salt air that passes over the thin strip of the peninsula.

The varieties of fungi found are also different from what one expects to find on the East Coast.  For specific varieties, see The Mushrooms of Cape Cod and the National Seashore by William Neill and Alan and Arleen Bessette. Lichens are also numerous.

The Outer Cape (including Eastham) is a narrow strip of rural country with marshes, ponds, bogs and forest unharmed by time. There are beech forests in the Pr ovincetown area, and pitch pine barrens and an Atlantic White Cedar swamp are located near Eastham.

photo by Bill Bynum