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New London, Connecticut, on the campus of Connecticut College, July 31 to August 3, 2008
hosted by CVMS, the Connecticut Valley Mycological Society

Connie Borodenko


The Connecticut Valley Mycological Society takes pleasure in inviting all mycophiles to join us at the 32nd ANNUAL NORTHEAST MYCOLOGICAL FORAY - the Samuel Ristich Foray - at Connecticut College in New London, CT, from July 31 to August 3, 2008.

This is a very attractive, private liberal arts college founded in 1911. It sits on a hill overlooking Long Island Sound and the Thames River. All 750 acres of College property, with its wonderful plant collections from around the world, and the natural areas, are managed as the CT College Arboretum. It’s a great place for the mushroom hunter, as well as the plant lover because its flora and habitats are so diverse.

It’s interesting to note that in 1984 the Arboretum published its own 50 page bulletin "Common Mushrooms of New England" by John C. Cooke which is still available at the college bookstore.

We view this site as a most natural match for the NEMF Foray.

The college is located two miles north of downtown New London, a city of 28,000 on our southeast coast, on Route 32, directly opposite the US Coast Guard Academy. The drive from Boston is about 2.5 hours, from New York 3 hours. In addition to being on Amtrak’s northeast corridor, New London is also served by bus and airlines. To learn more about the campus=arboretum and travel go to the http://www.connecticutcollege.edu

We are dedicating this foray to the memory of two dear friends and great champions of the Northeast Mycological Federation who passed away recently: Sam Ristich in February and Ed Bosman last November. The NEMF foray was named for our "guru" Sam thirteen years ago, and Ed Bosman was a NEMF co-founder as well as the founder of CVMS.  Both men were devoted to teaching us all they could about fungi. But they also enjoyed a little fun.  Therefore, this foray will reflect their joy of learning and their wonderful sense of humor.

Our Program Chairman, Bill Yule, is busy recruiting a talented faculty which will address all levels of interest.

The educational part of the progam has been well established.
A very important part of that is Connie Borodenko’s exhibit of mushroom art prints from her personal collection, dating to the 1850’s.
And, just for the fun of it, Marlene Snecinski wants you to know that this NEMF Foray will be holding the first (to our knowledge) MYCOlympic Games. Do come and participate, whether as a player or an observer.

And our Registrars, Dinah Wells and Janet Blanchard, did their best to have the registration form ready for posting on this web site by mid-February -- see below. The planning is ongoing so stay tuned for further developments.

Please circle the above dates on your calendar now. You may want to give thought to extending your stay and making New London and environs your Summer vacation. Within about 15 minutes drive, you can visit the Historic Ship Nautilus & Submarine Force Museum, Carousel Museum of New England, the Mashantucket Pequot Museum, the Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport, Children’s Museum of SE CT., and Parasail USA, to name just a few interesting sites. There are so many more. Being close to the seashore may inspire you to try sailing on one of the many day cruises. Try the "Mystic Whaler" - or an Oceanographic cruise on the research vessel "Envirolab" - or charter a fishing boat like "Fly Guy". There are accommodations of all kinds including many quaint B & Bs, even one called Kittiwake Boat and Breakfast aboard a 57 foot yacht! Camping? Of course! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the wineries, bison farm and the largest casino in the world, Foxwoods. So get your free CT vacation guide by visiting http://www.tourism.state.ct.us or call 1.888.CTvisit.

We look forward to meeting you here in Connecticut this summer. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at fungaloony@earthlink.net or phone 203.268.3023.

Terry Stoleson, 10 Lounsbury Rd, Trumbull CT 06611, 2008 NEMF Foray Chairman -- Feb. 2008

Chairman: Terry Stoleson
Registrars: Dinah Wells & Janet Blanchard
Program: Bill Yule
Walks, Logo & Art Exhibit: Connie Borodenko
Display: Walt Rode
Sorting: John Plischke
Recording; Dorothy Smullen
Database: Gene Yetter
Socials & Mycophagy: Cindy Palmer
Mycolympic Games: Marlene Snecinski
Sales: Terri Jacobs
Awards: Jean Hopkins

FACULTY and some program highlights:
Gary Lincoff, author, Audubon Field Guide to North American Mushrooms: talk "Sam Ristich and the biology of Radical Amazement"; "The Faustian Mycologist" (a mycological stage drama)
Bill Roody, author, Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians
Roger Phillips, author, Mushrooms of North America
Tom Volk, author of  "Fungi of the Month" website
Roz Lowen, Ascomycetes: ID workshop; the late Ed Bosman's lecture on the Genus Tricholoma
Walt Sturgeon, Lactarius, Friend of NEMF Awardee: "Wood-munching Agarics"
Renée Lebeuf of Montreal: "The genus Hygrophorus"
Sandy Sheine, NAMA Educational Chairman
Bill Neil, Rare Polypores: Polypore ID workshop
Dorothy Smullen, Lichens
Sue Hopkins, Dye Mushroom Expert
Elinoar Shavit, "Who gives a Shiitake? Medicinal Mushrooms and Mushrooms in Medicine"
John Plischke, Mushroom photography
Ed Mena. LifePharms Labs, a visit
A four part photography series, "The weird, wacky and beautiful Mushroom Show" -- with Walt Sturgeon, Noah Siegel, Bill Bynum et al.

Registration Form

The campus/arboretum:  http://arboretum.conncoll.edu/
Campus map: http://www.conncoll.edu/AboutConnDocs/campus_map.pdf

Travel:  Directions to the college
NYC to New London: Amtrak train -- or bus

Nearby activities other than fungal ones: http://www.tourism.state.ct.us or call 1.888.CTvisit

-- July 9, 2008