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NEMF 2006 photos

The most northernmost NEMF Foray ever -- what a beautiful area of mostly boreal forest with many northern mushroom species. It was far away, and so the Canadians outnumbered the US participants 2:1. It was a most successful foray in every respect: very bilingual, of course, with a great program and a great deal of fun along with wonderful food -- thanks to Raymond Archambault and the French joie de vivre and love of good cuisine. The list of taxa was not very long because there had not been any rain for a couple of weeks. Hurricane Ernesto caught us on our last night. The following week would have been great .... Nonetheless, there were some wonderful mushrooms in abundance and many new ones to discover by some of us living in more southern areas. I must also make a public confession: I took one day off to go to a wonderful large zoo in the area where the animals roamed free while we humans traveled inside a caged tram. Ursula Hoffmann

Here are some highlights, most captured by Jacqueline Dion and some by the Shavits:

The photographers:

Jacqueline Beaudry Dion
Elinoar and Eyal Shavit

The main organizers:

Raymond Archambault, foray chairman, & the registrar -->
Jacqueline & Jean-Pierre Dion, registrars -- with Elinoar Shavit

Peter Neumann, programs -- presenting ...
Our hosts: le Club d'Alma -- Michelle Bouchard

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December 2006