The 12th Annual Samuel Ristich Foray

Saint Anthony's Hermitage, Lac-Bouchette, Canada

in the unique boreal forest - 150 miles north of Quebec, 250 miles north of Montreal

September 1-4, 2006

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AMQ / NEMF 2006 - QUEBEC (Canada)

The 2006 Sam Ristich NEMF Foray will be held at Saint Anthony’s Hermitage, in Lac-Bouchette, from Friday September 1st to Monday September 4th 2006. The meeting will be organized by the «Cercle des mycologues de Montréal» (CMM) and the «Société de mycologie d’Alma» (SMA). The foray will be a joint event with the annual meeting of the «Association de mycologie du Québec» (AMQ) -- this includes seven Quebec mycological associations.

Lac-Bouchette is in a very small locality a few miles from Lac Saint-Jean, a huge lake in Quebec's Blueberry Region. The principal natural formation here is the boreal forest,.dominated by coniferous trees, mostly Balsam Fir and Black Spruce and occasionally White Spruce and in its southern part Tamarack and Jack Pine. Leafy trees are White Birch and Trembling Aspen. This environment is particularly favourable to mushrooms in the late summer. Fauna includes Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Lynx, Beaver, Marten, Mink and Mountain Hare.

The Hermitage offers all facilities for such an event. The number of places is limited to 200 participants who will be lodged in Lac-Bouchette, either at the Hermitage or in one of 3 motels that are less than one mile away. All meals and activities will be in the Hermitage; forays will leave from and return to the Hermitage. There is also space for mobile homes.

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The organization of the activities is based on the format that has been successfully used at Duchesnay for the NorthEast Mycological Federation foray in 1998 and for the NAMA foray held in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures in 2003. Participants will be offered a choice of many activities. Among other things, there will be bilingual excursions, conferences and workshops, in French or English or in both languages. Social activities will reflect once more the proverbial joie de vivre of the Quebec people.

Several mycologists have already confirmed their presence, with more to come:
From USA:            Gary Lincoff, Walt Sturgeon, Bill Roody
From Canada:        Yves Lamoureux, Yolande Dalpé, Réjean Gagnon, Mohamed Hijri
From France::         Bart Buyck

Many experts from the CMM and other Quebec clubs will help in the determination of species collected at the Foray.

By car, the foray’s site is approximately a 3 hours’ drive north from Quebec.
The longitude and latitude of Lac-Bouchette is 48.25 N; 72.18 W.

More information will be added on the CMM website, where a map and the registration forms will also be posted.

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